Thursday, April 28, 2016

so you want to contact me

Many options available to contact me

Email tqft9999 AT gmail  DOT com

Twitter tqft9999

Reddit tqft9999


Skype tqft9999 not often logged on. Like once a month.

Twister tqft

IRC sometimes on freenode and moznet as tqft, particularly when looking for technical help (PS a decent IRC client for android phone and tablet would be good).

Bit message: Desktop instance:  BM-ookQVTyvKYg1dtHfy9Mv73au8F1oFQn34
                    Laptop Instance:   BM-2cTRR5BAg9Cs1us3DtakzxKp2zmom1GkWT


Can anyone detect a pattern yet? 

Facebook nil. Anyone claiming to be me on fb is lying. So no instagram. No WhatsApp.

No Signal

Haven't decided on fb messenger yet. No whatsapp kik line whisper signal wechat yet.  I have slack installed on tablet but never found anything worth making it work.

If you need me somewhere,  ask - including any of the not yet installed options above.

Anyone who can click a link and read can find my other main email address and my name.

Yes I have a website.  More emergency backup option than used.

If you need an actual phone number,  ask.