Sunday, June 3, 2012


I am starting to pull myself from the immediate confrontation that is reality.

3 Main reasons:
1) look at job ad, delete is very boring and gets depressing
2) it is part of my reprogramming myself

See your automatic response patterns as learned brain-strategies. 
       Re-frame a behavior as a problem located outside of who you are as a person.
         Set clear life vision to refocus your energies on what you consciously prioritize and most value.
        Take action to express your commitment to this new priority or value.

3) getting any job isn't as important as getting the right job, at least for a few more months. Sooner rather than later is better and I am trying, but looking for work is a fairly full-time occupation and I know from working & job hunting simultaeneously that there isn't much energy or motivation to do both properly.

Getting and staying too close to the job hunt at hand means nothing else gets done and I get annoyed with not having a job at the end of the day and nothing else done.  At least with a higher focus (getting shit done) I am getting stuff done.

Today I made progress with complex sound issues (jackd for those who care on my Desktop).  Almost at the point where I can ask sensible questions for real help.

This weeks goals are to make more progress on using SEEK, tune my guitars and hopefully get the recording setup working, do a master to do list, work thru various federal government recruiting avenues.

My goal is to express myself and "make a difference" (cf JTK).

I work best at the border between abstract and practical - that is where I need to be.

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